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Hello everybody ! Long promised now done - one page about the town Regensburg in beautiful Bavaria. I beg your pardon for waiting so long, but on one hand I have to work and earn some money and on the other hand it was not easy to find some acceptable pictures ( I guess the town fathers think the whole world now them so they see no necessarity to send me some). But nevertheless let's now talk and drive to Regensburg. Arriving at Munich airport we have a distance from about 100 km to reach the town. One of my sightseeing trips in the area between Passau and Furth im Wald.

Using the higway in direction Munich, then turning at the highway cross at Neufahrn to the right in direction Nuernberg we reach after about 20 km a direct connection to Regensburg. This freeway passed through a lovely hilly landscape, we could even stop at the monastery of Weltenburg (look at the page of Kelheim please) and then we see that huge Temple.

No, no, don't be afraid, I didn't miss the way and we're now in Greece. This monument was built by king Ludwig I. (the father of the dream king Ludwig II. - Neuschwanstein and other castles he forced) as a hall of fame. Around 1800 the taste of the aristocrats were touching antiques like the Akropolis and so on. This hall is named Walhalla regarding very old German legends. If we can see the building the town Regensburg will be reached in a few minutes.

Now you can see one main symbol of the town, the towers of St. Peter, a church with "eternity" renovation work. Always you can see somewhere people restoring some parts of that building, the stones are very weak, we call them "sandstone" and so they must fix every year something.

Here we are, in town. But please, be not angry, to discover the nice old town, you must walk. A sightseeing tour with my van through the old streets is not possible. This old center is more than 2000 years old, the houses not all, but some parts of these old buildings you can find. And here you have the explanation about the main title: because Regensburg is so old, lots of people gave a lot of names. Three of them are historical briefed, the first name was Rhataspone and was given by the Celtics. Then our italian friends came, the Romans, and named it Castra Regina. The last name was given by the Bavarians, they called the town in older times Reganespurc and with the centuries now we write Regensburg.

The picture shows you an old part of the Roman Castell wall. Even in the last two centuries the walls safed Regensburg a lot of times. And a real joke of history was in the time of Napoleon. As the French army hunt the Austrian troups, these escaped to Regensburg and defend the walls like devils. And even with guns and canons the French could not conquer the town. So they had to collect from all farmers in the area ladders to climb up the walls, which army in the 19th century thought they need middle age methods?

To understand why the Austrian army was defending this town of the risk of thousands of lifes you must know, mother nature is in that area a great help against troups. Two rivers, the "Regen" (there the name is part from) and the Danube are a natural border and very difficult to take over. The only bridge in that old times was and is still the "Bridge of Stones" you can see below.

Please be careful by walking over, the bridge was built from 1135 till 1146 (by the help of the devil, the legend told - I'll tell you a little later). Here I will stop and you can walk in old center town very easily. Take a look at these old citizen houses, a demonstration of the old richness by trade of salt and other goods coming down the rivers or the ware pathes.

If you have Irish or Scottish blood in your ancestors, you should visit the "scottish church" of St. Jacob. This monastery was over centuries run by an Irish-Scottish Convent and so always a thorn in the eyes of German Bishops. Still today the tradition of this convent will be delayed somewhere near Loch Ness in Scotland.

What's the hell, what marvellous smell ? Easy answer, that is the smell of a great speciality of Regensburg. These sausages are very known and liked, they have a secret mixture. So, if you are sometimes in Munich and see an advertisement at a butchers store "fresh Regensburger" that means these sausages (man-eating is not more allowed in Bavaria since .....) A great visiting point is the great town hall. Here was the meeting point of the German parliament (not comparable with our democratic one now) from the year 788 - 1806. There were bishops, kings, dukes, artists and other famous people collected and they all thought about the best for Germany. Interesting the long bench in that room, it was for all the paper works to be discussed. So, if you sometimes are desparate about a long during decision of your own buerocrazy think on Regensburg: from there the word is coming " to put it on a long bench".

But I want not bore you with too much talking, go walking and discover yourself, it is nice. Maybe, some of yours are now wondering about the "devils-help" for the bridge building. Ok, keep your eyes off and look by marching over the bridge to that stone made picture near the gate. You will see some chickens there and here is the legend:

The Bridge of Stone and the devil

As the decision was made in Regensburg to build a huge church and this brigde the both building leaders made a bet. Each of them thought, he is faster ending his building than the other. Going home the bridge builder met a curious strange guy on his way at home. This was the devil. He promised to help building the bridge but he wanted to be paid. "What shall I pay you" the bridge builder asked him. The devil answered: "the first soul walking over your bridge should be mine". They made the deal.

In the meantime the church builder was wondering how fast the bridge grew and the bridge builder had even problems to get all material in time. After nine years ! this huge bridge was ready and the big celebration of opening should be the next day. The devil was very happy because he hoped to catch a priest or monk, these guys always are the first to open up new buildings and to give the benediction. But the bridge constructioneer was a religious, smart and brave man so the first souls walking over the bridge were some chickens the builder hunt over the bridge. The devil was real nasty but the contract was fulfilled, he got his souls.

That's for today. I hope you had a little bit fun again on that travel and maybe, you will use my service to drive there and back. I would enjoy that trip. Have a nice time always in Bavaria, when ever I can I'll help you.

Sincerely yours


Script by J.W.Lohfink, for any mistakes in spell or grammar I apologize as a precaution, corrections, questions or comments please mail to me.

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